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GoSnipe will be fully merged into Myibidder in a few weeks.
User accounts are transferred over, but you need to reset your account password to access it.
You will get 2 months of free usage as users of GoSnipe, and many new features and enhancements coming with Myibidder.
like mobile apps, better support, easier interface, etc.
Use those links for Myibidder password reset and contact support if any questions.

How to snipe directly from eBay auction pages

You don't have to leave eBay's web site to snipe an auction on goSnipe. Save time by sniping auctions directly from eBay auction pages.

Bookmark the link below by dragging the button to your bookmarks bar (Internet Explorer users can right click and choose 'Add to Favorites').


Now, while viewing an auction page on eBay, click on the bookmark, and you'll see the popup window to your right!

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