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GoSnipe will be fully merged into Myibidder in a few weeks.
User accounts are transferred over, but you need to reset your account password to access it.
You will get 2 months of free usage as users of GoSnipe, and many new features and enhancements coming with Myibidder.
like mobile apps, better support, easier interface, etc.
Use those links for Myibidder password reset and contact support if any questions.

How Auction Sniping Works

With goSnipe, your bid is placed on eBay automatically in the final seconds of the auction. Although you can do this yourself, you'll spend time sitting and waiting, and your ability to accurately snipe auctions manually is extremely limited.

goSnipe Advantages

goSnipe provides a powerful search interface to find your desired item - in fact, we think it's better than eBay's native search! Want to snipe directly from eBay auction pages without opening up goSnipe in another window? No problem.

goSnipe does everything for you - our servers run around the clock placing bids on your behalf. There is no software to install and you'll be sniping auctions within seconds of signing up.

Why Snipe?

Auction sniping has many benefits with one thing in common: you'll win more auctions and save cash. By placing your bids right before an auction expires, you save yourself from expensive bidding wars and signaling your interest in the item. Not convinced? Check out the science behind sniping.

  • Avoid bidding wars and increasing the auction price.
  • Hide your interest in the item by waiting until the last moment to bid.
  • Use bid batches to bid on similar items in tandem. Win one, and done!
  • Cancel your bid minutes before the auction ends.
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